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The PastaMaestro was invented as a better way to measure dry spaghetti by using a grabbing action, and has four jaws and four finger holes to provide four different portion sizes with one utensil. To measure the different portion weights, select the jaw you need and grab, grip and lift your portion, then drop it directly into the cooking pot in one easy action.

This first model has a choice of four different single portion sizes to suit a range of appetites. The dry weight portion of 80 grams (2.8oz.) would be for a smaller serving such as in a multi-course meal. The 100 gram (3.5oz.) portion is a good main course serving, whilst the larger 125 gram (4.4oz.) portion would suit a larger appetite. The smallest 60 gram (2.1oz.) portion is for a light meal or could be a child’s portion. Get to know your Pastamaestro by cooking the weight you think you need, and discover which portion size will suit your appetite on different occasions.  

Pastamaestro can be used to measure all forms of short strand pasta such as Capellini, Spaghettini, Spaghetti, Linguine and Bavette, and is ideal for weight watchers and those on a diet, to calculate their calorie intake based on portion weight.

The invention carries Patent GB2374146 and is produced and distributed from the UK, with worldwide sales from this website. We hope you will enjoy using this product which has been carefully designed for your pleasure.